Jennifer Haigh’s ‘The Boy Vanishes’ held me breathless and enthralled. She’s conjured here a shimmering summer night filled with caustic dreams and broken lives in a place so vivid it seems more remembered than imagined. This is a terrific story, one that thrums with suspense, nostalgia and the haunting power of true mystery.
— Jess Walter, author of the bestselling BEAUTIFUL RUINS
Jennifer Haigh’s ‘The Boy Vanishes’ is a visceral portrait of that half of Massachusetts that’ll never see Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard—the half that produces the kind of kid who failed phys ed because he refused to take off his leather jacket—but even more, it’s a moving testament to all the lost kids and adults that a world running on neglect and fatalism can produce.
— Jim Shepard, author of LIKE YOU'D UNDERSTAND, ANYWAY

The Boy Vanishes

Jennifer Haigh's short story "The Boy Vanishes" is a keen re-imagining of a whodunit in which everyone is implicated and no one is safe. In the summer of 1976, the search for a missing boy takes over the beach town of Grantham, Massachusetts. It’s a searing portrait of a community in crisis.

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