HEAT & LIGHT on NPR's Fresh Air

Fresh Air book reviewer Maureen Corrigan writes, “As spectacular as Haigh's panoramic social focus is in this novel — whisking us from Dark Elephant's shareholders' meeting in Houston into Bakerton's taverns, the Wal-Mart, the local meth-head hangouts and storefront churches — she's also superb at getting us into the nitty gritty of her character's worldview, as well as their speech.” Listen here.

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Best American Short Stories 2012

Jennifer Haigh's story "Paramour" has been selected to appear in this year's Best American Short Stories anthology. 

"Like all my stories, it is a mash-up of several things that interest me intensely—in this case, other people's marriages, sex and innocence, the theater, fathers and daughters, and Ukrainians."

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