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Columbia, MO Unbound Book Festival

Of the many manmade environmental catastrophes that have beset this country, the disastrous consequences caused by fracking are among some of the worst. Haigh (Heat and Light) and Briody (The New Wild West) exam­ine this cataclysmic process through different lenses (fiction and nonfiction respectively) and measure the cost, both to the environment and to the people who suffer as a result.

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to Nov 6

AUSTIN, TX: Texas Book Festival

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POWER LINES:   A discussion with Virginia Reeves, author of Work Like Any Other, moderated by Amanda Eyre Ward

Power assumes many forms: money, love, history, hate, family, greed. When power lies in electric and oil energy, the characters in Virginia Reeves and Jennifer Haigh’s new novels face moral ambiguities that complicate their relationships and their futures.

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